Auto Recycling Olympia

Scrap Metal

Auto Recycling OlympiaWhen you need to get rid of your car, go to the place that gives you cash and helps the environment! Auto recycling with Summit Auto Wrecking provides so many excellent benefits; it’s little wonder we’re quickly becoming the first choice for auto wrecking in Olympia. That’s because residents know that when they want a fair price for their recycled cars and trucks, no one delivers like we do. We are a family-owned company that believes in doing our best by our customers and the environment.

When vehicles stop working, many people don’t know what to do with them. You have this big piece of heavy metal and don’t know how to get rid of it. Luckily, Summit Auto Wrecking is just a quick phone call away. We will come to you and take the car off your hands. And the best part is, we’ll pay you for it! While you might think that these broken vehicles are just a hunk of junk, we can use them for a lot of purposes except for driving.

When vehicles are recycled, they are picked apart for salvageable materials; the hood, doors, and other parts can be sold for scrap metal. These pieces of steel get shipped off to recycling plants, ground up, and melted down to become new steel that is used to build houses, bridges, and buildings. Not many people know that the majority of every vehicle is recyclable. Auto recycling prevents unwanted vehicles from ending up in landfills. This reduces air and soil pollution and the need to mine for new materials.

Mobile Bailing

Mobile bailing machines are used to help with transport and storage for industrial materials like recycled vehicles. It is similar to a garbage compactor but on a much larger scale. These machines crush cars into small bales that are a fraction of the original size, and they can then be easily transported to recycling plants. Mobile bailing reduces transportation costs and helps make the process cleaner.

Car Crushing

Car crushing is an essential part of the auto recycling process. It allows for my vehicles to be transported at one time. Cars can also be shredded, where they are put through a giant shredding machine and broken down into small manageable parts. This process allows the steel, rubber, plastic, and other materials to be separated and shipped off where they need to go to be recycled. Before either of these steps can happen, all of the toxic and harmful elements in the car have to be removed. All of the liquids like oil, antifreeze, water, and so on are drained from the vehicle. Batteries, alternators, and other components are removed and either sold if they are still in good condition, or broken down into their base components and recycled. Who would’ve thought that so much of a car can be recycled?

Reasons To Recycle Your Vehicle

Auto Recycling Near Me OlympiaSome people might be hesitant to recycle their vehicles because they think they will have to deal with a stingy junkyard owner. But At Summit Auto Wrecking, we strive to make this process as stress-free and straightforward as possible while also offering our customers competitive pricing for their unwanted vehicles. There are some great reasons to consider recycling your vehicle today.

Convenience – No matter how you look at it, removing an old automobile yourself is a pain. Whether your vehicle is high mileage, has been in a wreck, suffered environmental damage, or is just worn out, getting rid of a vehicle can be a major inconvenience. But it doesn’t have to be. With our auto recycling service in Olympia, we offer cash for cars and free removal. We’ll work to fit your schedule so that your junk car removal can happen on your time.

Cash for cars – Did we mention that already? We’d like to restate it just in case you missed it. We’ll pay you cash in hand for your unused vehicle. That’s like being paid to let someone else do a job you didn’t even want to do. We’ll get that vehicular eye-sore off of your property in no time, and you can feel good knowing that others will benefit from it.

Recycling – We recycle batteries, freon, and other toxic components from your recycled vehicle. Every year millions of cars reach the end of their life, but they can still be used for so much. From its back bumper to its grill, a car is much more than the sum of its parts. Charging less than our competitors has built us a loyal customer base and ensures your vehicle will have a new life. So, don’t hesitate to call; we may just have what you’re looking for.

When you’re ready to get rid of your car, truck, or van, call Summit Auto Wrecking today, and we’ll take care of the rest! Olympia residents trust us to get rid of their unwanted vehicles and give them the best offer for it!