About Us

Summit Auto Wrecking, a division of Summit Towing, opened an auto recycling operation in the Olympia area in 2014.

Located on South Bay Road in a facility that has been providing similar services for 75 years, our full-service auto recycling company provides you with better service for less money. Our intention is to provide Olympia citizens with a convenient way to recycle their used cars. That’s why we’re standing by to answer all of your questions.

Our parent company, Summit Towing, has been serving the local market since the year 2000, providing towing services when you need them most. Summit Auto Wrecking purchases cars to recycle, and we believe the environment comes first. That’s why we maintain strict environmental procedures to protect groundwater and air quality, as well as recycling any hazardous materials at the appropriate government-sanctioned facilities.

For vehicle recycling from a reliable, trustworthy, and family-owned wrecking yard, trust Summit Auto Wrecking.

Summit Auto Wrecking

Call us for all your Auto Wrecking needs, from parts to car removal!

Phone: 360-352-2800

We are located at:

1630 South Bay Rd NE
Olympia WA 98506